Soft Move


A comfortably soft insole, that guarantees maximum comfort. Ideal for young and sportive-dynamic people who travel a lot either private or on business and who do not want to miss the “sneaker-comfy-feeling” even in elegant business shoes.

Light MemoryNXT foam cushions and absorbs shocks with every step, and adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot. The additional elastic gel layer in the front part of SOFTMOVE distributes pressure equally and gives new energy for the next step. The pressure elastic AirFlex top layer is extremely breathable due to its innovative wicker-pattern structure, providing smooth and immediate comfort with a WOW-effect. Ideal for everyday life and work; anti-slip and durable.

Unisex · Item Number 6976 · Sizes 36/37 - 46/47

  1. Soft breathable AirFlex top layer
  2. Lightweight MemoryNXT foam
  3. Elastic Gel-layer

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