Keeps the cold out and the warmth in, combined with super-soft 3D-Memory foam

The super-soft SENSATION 3D footbed is completed by a cold-insulating aluminium layer and a cosy velour upper to make it the perfect solution for cold winter days. It is still very lightweight and anatomically fits the foot.

The BMS (Bergal Memory Support) foam gives an extreme cushioning on those parts of the foot that take the brunt – longitudinal arch, ball and heel. The flattened areas around the midfoot and toe free up lots of space in your shoe. The felt reinforcement gives the foot stability, improves flexing and keeps the warmth inside the shoe. The high-quality aluminium layer keeps the cold out. The soft top layer made of light velour fabric makes the foot feel cosy and even gives additional warmth. 

Perfectly supported during cold winter months.

Unisex · Item Number 6974 · Sizes 36 - 42

  1. Cosy and warm light velour fabric
  2. BMS (Bergal Memory Support) foam to follow the contours of your foot 
  3. High-quality aluminium layer to keep the cold out
  4. Felt reinvorcement to keep the warmth in



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