Allround Soles

Durable, hard-wearing insole with activated carbon for fresh feet.

Insole with 60 % more moisture absorption for natural freshness.

Natural Comfort with 60% more moisture aborption

Pleasant barefoot feeling in airy cotton – ideal for the summer months.

Cosy ultra-light insole with coconut fibre base.

Lusciously soft latex insole to cushion your feet and give you comfort as you walk.

Super-soft half-sole in latex to keep the air moving around your feet.

Super-soft half-sole to cushion your feet; fits well in pointed and open-toed shoes.

100% natural sheepskin to absorb moisture and protect your insole.

100% natural sheepskin to absorb moisture and reduce foot odour.

Insole in high-quality leather and activated carbon to absorb moisture.

Super-soft half-sole – ideal for padding out shoes and improving fit.

Toes-free half-sole in genuine leather, ideal for pointed and open-toed shoes.

A pure, natural product for hot, tired and sweaty feet – the forest moss sole.

Extremely thin summer insole to keep your feet dry in sneakers and sports shoes. 

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